Participants of the Forum signed the Memorandum concerning restoring and development of Donbas and Ukraine

Участниками Форума подписан Меморандум по восстановлению и развитию Донбасса и Украины

Today, on December 10, 2015, in the international day of human rights protection, in Kiev was held the Forum “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine”. Alexander Klymenko’s community initiative “Restoring Donbas”, the Ukrainian institute of  analysis and management in policy and Institute of the strategic researches “New Ukraine” became initiators and co-organizers of the Forum.

Organizers of the Forum set the object to create a public platform on searching the ways of Donbas restoring and social, economic development of Ukraine in modern conditions.

More than 150 speakers and participants took part in the Forum — authorities, public, the expert and scientific sphere, business. Including – UNICEF, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young. Within this Forum the head of community initiative “Restoring Donbas” Elena Petryayeva presented joint practices with organizers of the Forum — “12 steps to peace and restoring of Donbas and Ukraine”.

“Today we are starting to work on association in developing the Strategic plan of reintegration and restoration of Donbas, which in the subsequent can be a basis for the unificated state program. I consider, the extremely important not to miss time, our efforts and opportunities to create the unificated plan of actions most effectively ” — she told.

«Восстановление Донбасса» подписало Меморандум по восстановлению и развитию Донбасса и Украины

Participants of the Forum fixed their intentions in the Memorandum about further cooperation and association of efforts. Now this Memorandum is signed by the Comminity initiative “Restoring Donbas”, the Ukrainian institute of analysis and management in policy, institute of the strategic researches “New Ukraine” and Institute of citizens social protection.

«Восстановление Донбасса» подписало Меморандум по восстановлению и развитию Донбасса и Украины

As the director of the strategic researches institute “New Ukraine” Andrey Yermolaev noted: “With signing of this memorandum we started moving to the planes of public council creation about Donbas. And it is not a matter of four signers. The list is open. Nevertheless, it is necessary to move quickly. If we tighten, justifying ourselves with difficulties, then we will lose”.

The head of community initiative “Restoring Donbas” Elena Petryayeva also emphasized, tat all, who wants to participate in practical work on restoring Donbas can join the Memorandum.

Except plenary session, the Forum included two working debatable panels about the most actual subjects, according to organizers — “The international and Ukrainian experience in restoring of post-conflict regions” and “Economic rehabilitation of Donbas and investments attraction into Ukraine”.

Journalist, TV host and the media expert Andrey Kulikov was the moderator the the first of panels, moderator of the second panel was — partner of the Ernst & Young company in Ukraine Bogdan Yarmolenko. Both panels lasted an hour and a half and included speakers’ speeches, questions and remarks from participants.

«Восстановление Донбасса» подписало Меморандум по восстановлению и развитию Донбасса и Украины

During the Forum “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine”, at plenary session, and within debatable panels, were also discussed the following questions:

— The international experience of post-conflict regions restoring and in social, humanitarian and economic spheres;

— Ways and stages of the most sensitive humanitarian issues solution;

— The adaptation program for the population, who is coming back to a conflict zone;

— Protection of the citizens’ rights, who were injured during the conflict;

— New formats of economic activity with specifics of post-conflict regions;

— International organizations participation, donors and financial credit institutions participation in implementation of projects, concerning restoring Donbas;

— “Municipal business” (development of business, new types of business that caused by decentralization of the Ukrainian authorities);

— Tax policy;

— Features of local government during the post-conflict period.

“A year ago such Forum was almost impossible. I think, that next year we will discuss more practical steps, practical tools in reintegration of Donbas. There was a sarcasm that the Forum — sounded lyrical. We have concrete mechanisms, concrete plans. We did not want to build that Forum simply with our thoughts. We wanted to hear you, and today, many interesting ideas were sounded” — noted the director of the Ukrainian institute of analysis and management in policy Ruslan Bortnik, following the results of the Forum.

10 December 2015

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