Gratitude for involvement in the Forum

Dear participants of the Forum “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine”, let us thank you sincerely for involvement in our action which took place on December 10, 2015 in Kiev.

We are sure that such measures expand possibilities of restoring and economic rehabilitation of Donbas, cooperation with the international partners, exchange of experience, activation of business activity, and to the solution of residents and internally displaced persons social and humanitarian problems.

We consider, that our common efforts will allow to create effective mechanisms on further social and economic development of Donbas and Ukraine and to attract new partners to achieve peace, consent and wellbeing. We hope for further effective cooperation.

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Organising Committee of the Forum
Общественная инициатива
Институт стратегических исследований
Украинский институт анализа и менеджмента политики
Институт социальной защиты граждан