The appeal of Public council on restoring of Donbas and Ukraine

We are public organizations, associations, associations, scientific institutions, enterprises and organizations which founded Public council on restoration of Donbas and Ukraine, address to the autorities of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, sides which took part in Contact unit on situation settlement in Ukraine, personally to signers of the Minsk Agreement, and also to OSCE.

We call all on whom peace on Donbas depends, to make all possible efforts for execution of all obligations assumed within the Minsk Agreement. For today it is the only opportunity to settle the conflict peaceful manner.

First of all, it is ceasefire and the armed provocations. People were tired to live in fear.

We feel responsibility for destiny of this country and the people who became the victims of armed conflict. Thousands killed people, humanitarian crisis, economic ruin, threat of technogenic and environmental disasters, millions of displaced persons is a reality of Ukrainian Donbas.

We are obliged to overcome fear and mistrust. Each of the sides can make a step for this purpose.

Humanitarian issues shall quit into the forefront – an exchange of all prisoned persons, mine clearing of the territories, provision and equitable distribution of humanitarian aid. It will allow to discharge a situation and provide favorable conditions for further movement towards.

Creation of the experts group with involvement of the international and public organizations for study of the Strategic plan of Donbass restoring and development of Ukraine considered necessary.

We need a hope on peace. We call all on whom it depends, and first of all, the authorities of Ukraine to show aspiration to adjustment of a dialog about peace in the country. We are ready to join in this process on the principles of “national diplomacy” and to promote restoring of the destroyed communications.

Institute of the strategic researches “New Ukraine”

A.V. Yermolaev

Community organization “Restoring Donbas” and Charitable organization “Charity foundation “Donbass: Restoring!”

E.B. Petryaeva

Ukrainian institute of analysis and management in policy

R. O. Bortnik

Institute of citizens’ social protection

S. M. Naumenko

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