Public organizations have announced the preparation of the Forum dedicated to Donbas and Ukraine

Общественные организации объявляют о подготовке Форума, посвященного Донбассу и Украине

Ukrainian society has demanded for direct answers to questions about the future of Donbas. It was claimed by NGOs in the end of October 2015. They call on all concerned people to respond and to open constructive and professional dialogue on restoring of Eastern Ukraine, which was destroyed by the military conflict.

This appeal was sent to the state authorities, local government, volunteers, international organizations, and all citizens of Ukraine.

We are confident that this dialog will be complicated. There are no correct answers. We will have to discuss the decisions that will have an impact on the lives of millions of people, who have remained in Donbas, and those, who have left it.

However, taking the first steps is vital.

Like many others, we understand that political decisions can take years. At the same time, the part of the country is in the midst of a humanitarian and economic catastrophe. Thousands of people lost their jobs, they do not have social guarantees, professional support and opportunities to procure their families. Enterprises are closing, business projects are closing up, investment in the East of Ukraine is too distant and illusory perspective that depends on plethora factors.

Donbas is expected for the next stage of strength tests, Ukraine is expected for a time of measured steps, mature and wise compromises.

We are confident that those, who wish native land a well-being, there is only one way – to joint the efforts. Soulmates will take the majority of the work and develop the steps, which will revive Donbas and Ukraine.

Community initiative “Restoring Donbas” responds to the request of active organizations and create a single platform for professional dialogue concerning the revival of the East of Ukraine. We call upon all soulmates to participate in “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine” Forum, which will take place on 10 December, 2015 in Kiev, NSC “Olympic” (Hall of Champions).

Nowadays, it was created Organising Committee of the Forum, which includes community initiative «Restoring Donbas», Institute for Strategic Studies “New Ukraine” and Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management. We invite representatives of the expert community, and other relevant organizations to join us!

The Organizing Committee of “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine” Forum

The source: website of community initiative «Restoring Donbas»

November 14, 2015

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Organising Committee of the Forum
Общественная инициатива
Институт стратегических исследований
Украинский институт анализа и менеджмента политики
Институт социальной защиты граждан