We begin discussion of the “Mine Safety” project

Experts of the community initiative “Restoringf Donbas”, Institute of the strategic researches “New Ukraine” and the Ukrainian institute of analysis and management in policy began operation in the certain directions of 12 steps to peace and restoring of Donbas and Ukraine implementation.

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Participants of the Forum signed the Memorandum concerning restoring and development of Donbas and Ukraine

Участниками Форума подписан Меморандум по восстановлению и развитию Донбасса и Украины

Today, on December 10, 2015, in the international day of human rights protection, in Kiev was held the Forum “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine”. Alexander Klymenko’s community initiative “Restoring Donbas”, the Ukrainian institute of  analysis and management in policy and Institute of the strategic researches “New Ukraine” became initiators and co-organizers of the Forum.

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The Organizing Committee of “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine” Forum has opened registration for participants

Оргкомитет Форума "Восстанавливая Донбасс и Украину" открыл регистрацию участников

The Organizing Committee of “Restoring Donbas and Ukraine” Forum has opened online registration for participants.  It was created on the basis of Google form. In addition, you can apply for participation via the official e-mail of the Forum: info@rdu.com.ua. You can check out your name in the list of participants on the website in the section “About the Forum” (“Speakers and participants”).

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Organising Committee of the Forum

Общественная инициатива
Институт стратегических исследований
Украинский институт анализа и менеджмента политики
Институт социальной защиты граждан