of Cooperation and collaboration

between the representatives of general public, academic community, business for the restoring and development of Donbas and Ukraine

Kiev                                                                                                     12/10/2015  

Public organizations, associations, unions, academic institutions, enterprises and organizations (hereinafter – Parties),

recognizing the consequences of the armed conflict, which affect the standard of living, as the highest priority issue;

realizing the need for coordination of efforts of all concerned in restoring Donbas and socio-economic development of Ukraine in modern conditions;

taking into account the mutual striving for constructive cooperation between the representatives of public organizations, associations, unions, academic institutions, enterprises and organizations, state authorities and local self-government;

considering the necessity of using the international experience;

assuming that joint efforts of all members of civil society in Ukraine will increase the effectiveness of action;

based on principles such as:

  • the principle of equality of all participants.
  • the principle of transparency and openness to partners and society
  • the principle of independence and inadmissibility of promotion of business and political interests during the cooperation.

have signed this document.

Article 1. Purpose and objectives of this Memorandum

1.1. This Memorandum is a framework agreement for joining efforts in order to find ways and mechanisms of the restoring and socio-economic development of Donbas and Ukraine.

1.2. Objectives:

  • Organize multi-level dialogue involving public organizations, associations, unions, academic institutions, enterprises and organizations, state authorities and local self-government, etc.
  • Create a union of group of experts, social activists, philanthropists and representatives of international organizations in the context of “Institute of Public Diplomacy”.
  • Extend the international relations, look for the new partners for the development of the region;
  • Activate investment performance and the development of entrepreneurship
  • Form the Programme Document and projects on reconstruction and development of the region. 

Article 2.  Areas of shared interest and operational aspects

2.1. In the framework of this Memorandum the Parties will undertake the following joint actions:

– provision and exchange of analytical and statistical information;

– interaction with state authorities and local self-government;

– organization of the work of “Public Council for the restoration of Donbas and Ukraine”;

– development and promotion of the Strategic Plan for the reintegration, restoring and development of Donbas;

– operation with international organizations and experts;

– organization and participation in conferences, forums and seminars.

2.2. Parties shall regularly review the progress of the implementation of Memorandum and define an additional directions and forms of mutually beneficial cooperation.

2.3. A single position on behalf of the parties of the Memorandum should be in written form and signed by the authorized persons and shall be announced by an authorized person on behalf of the Parties of the Memorandum.

Article 3. Additional conditions

3.1. The Memorandum does not impose any financial, property obligations on any of the Parties. Parties may conclude separate agreements, in accordance with the Ukrainian laws.

3.2. Parties can hold meetings of the working groups, which include representatives of all parties for the implementation of the Memorandum.

3.3. Each Party shall bear its own costs and expenses with regard to all negotiations and activities relating to the subject of this Memorandum.

Article 4.  Date of entry into force, amendments and termination of the Memorandum

4.1. Memorandum shall remain in force during 1 (one) year. It shall enter into force upon its signature by Parties.

4.2. If thirty (30) calendar days before the expiry of the Memorandum Parties do not declare its intention to terminate it, the Memorandum shall be prolonged for each following year.

4.3. This Memorandum may be terminated by either of the Parties at any time upon giving 10 days advance the intended date of refusal to participate notice in writing to the other Parties.

Article 5. Final clauses

5.1. The Parties shall take all necessary measures to remove their disputes through negotiations

5.2. This Memorandum may be amended by written agreement (separate document) between the Parties. Such amendments shall be signed by authorized representatives of the Parties.

5.3. This Memorandum may expand the circle of participants shall be carried out by submitting a written application for participation in the implementation of the Memorandum, via a joint decision taken by the Parties and shall be signed by each of the Parties.

5.4. By signing this Memorandum, the Parties confirm:

– persons, who sign this Memorandum on behalf of the Parties and all related documents thereto duly appointed and authorized to sign this Memorandum and all linked documents;

– conclusion of this Memorandum does not violate or infringe any provisions of founding documents of the Parties or current legislation of Ukraine.

5.5. This Memorandum is made at _____ copies of equal legal force, one copy for each Party.

Signatures of the parties:

Public organization «Restoring Donbas» and Charitable foundation «Donbas: Restoring!»

Institute for Strategic Studies “New Ukraine”

Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy

Institute of social protection of citizens


Organising Committee of the Forum
Общественная инициатива
Институт стратегических исследований
Украинский институт анализа и менеджмента политики
Институт социальной защиты граждан